Your quality partner for contract honing and complete components

Your quality partner for

for contract honing and complete components

Honing lets us achieve precision down to the micron range – quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively. From processing individual workpieces to the manufacture of complete components.

You expect a partner to deliver maximum precision, flexibility and cost-effective solutions. We see ourselves as a service provider for customers who want more: expertise, experience and top quality  – we turn your requirement into reality, down to the last detail.

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Honing and contract manufacturing of complete components



Precision component processing from small to large series production

Complete components

We take care of designing, manufacturing and quality control for complete components


Precision can’t be qualified. We set the standard for the industry with our absolute precision.


We’ve been in business for almost 40 years, and in that time we’ve grown to be one of the most important honing subcontractors in Germany. Our extensive experience with a range of honing processes is your guarantee of flexibility, speed and top quality.


Our product range covers everything from parts for turning to finished components. From manufacturing complete components in large series runs down to small, individual batches.

Our customers come from a range of industries and appreciate us as a reliable partner.


We don’t compromise on quality – that’s clear from our high levels of customer satisfaction and the number of times people recommend us. We have DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Even for time-critical customer enquiries and short delivery periods, our focus is still on quality assurance. Your order is assured thanks to our stringent quality assurance process for incoming goods, during the processing stage and prior to release for delivery.


We deliver on time. Our goal is to ensure your workpieces are smoothly integrated into your processes.

  • Almost 40 years of experience
  • Maximum precision down to the micron range
  • Speed: maximum workpiece quality in very short timeframes
  • Flexibility: large fleet of machines available
  • Cost-effective for small and large batch sizes
  • Full production
  • High customer satisfaction rate

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Future-oriented vision

Employee-oriented philosophy

At Frankenstein Präzision you’ll experience corporate culture in transition. Pulling together to continually improve, a culture of open communication, and rigorous encouragement of individual skills are all priorities for us. Our company draws its vitality from highly qualified employees dedicated to innovation and promising technologies, with enthusiasm and commitment that makes them obvious role models in all areas of the company.

Discover the future with us. If you want to achieve more, we’re your first choice.

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