Your requirements are our minimum standard

Your requirement is the optimisation of the surface, the shape or the positional tolerance. With Frankenstein Präzision you can be sure that your objective will be achieved. We are in the perfect position to satisfy our customers’ requirements and our specialists achieve the greatest results on the smallest scale:


Honing diameter 3 – 90 mm
Workpiece length up to 100 mm [standard]
Workpiece length up to 200 mm [special tool]
Roundness ≤ 0.5 µm
Cylindrical form ≤ 2 µm
Surface Rz ≤ 1.5
Diameter tolerance ≤ 1.5 µm
Straightness ≤ 0.5 µm
Angular position ≤ 3 µm
Parallelism > 3 µm
Perpendicularity > 3 µm
Axial run-out 5 µm

Your Requirements.

Our solution:rapid.economical.smart.

We spare no effort to provide additional machining steps in the 0.001 mm range – rapidly, without complications and above all with the highest surface and dimensional precision. After all, we know ourselves how faulty or inaccurate output can affect our customers commercially and economically. All the processes and skills of our specialists are therefore adapted to efficient, rapid solutions that can be matched to each particular set of customer order specifications.
The honing process offers a diverse and highly precise range of possibilities and results of fine machining of production parts. Our experts have the expertise to obtain the best results for you using the honing method – even in comparison with other precision machining techniques.

Synergies with our experts result in savings and shorter process paths.
Maximum speed together with the highest possible quality – that is the credo of our work. We are constantly updating our production processes and honing methods to maintain faithfulness to that credo.
We work with you to develop future-orientated solutions.
Each order is treated individually and we create transparent, economical solutions using intelligent implementation planning tools to hone your workpieces – whether for small series, large series, prototype manufacture or product development.
Honing processes optimized for detail, even for small batch sizes.
We have been perfectionists as honing subcontractors for over 32 years. But perfect honing by itself has never been enough for us. We consider ourselves to be your partner for forward-looking solutions that offer you reassuring dependability.

Perfecting surface quality.

As a machining technique, the honing process creates the final function surfaces of drilled holes. In addition to dimensional and geometric accuracy, the topographical design of the roughness profile in particular is also of increasing importance here. This may be the smoothest possible surface, but it could also be a rough topography with a defined stock of lubricating oil. However, the structure of the crossed-over machining grooves is also tribologically important.

We don’t take any micrometre for granted.

Your Honing Subcontractors

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Our family company has been one of the largest honing subcontractors in Germany for over 32 years. We specialise in honing and designing honing processes optimised to specific orders. With intelligent interplay between versatile honing processes, honing machines, design processes for production and in-house expert knowledge, our experience has proven that we can meet the highest demands for tolerances and surface quality:

Cylindrical bores and other issues related to bores (e.g. roundness, straightness and parallelism),
Dimensional tolerance problems in bores (diameter correction),
Correction of positional tolerances (perpendicularity and axial run-out),
Rectification of hardening distortion or surface quality issues.

Engineering for the planet

Your Honing Subcontractors

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Compared to other machining methods such as lapping, grinding and turning, honing offers several advantages in the micrometre range:

Improved slip properties
Cylindrical form ≤ 2 µm
Diameter tolerance ≤ 1.5 µm
Roundness ≤ 0.5 µm
Surface Rz ≤ 1.5
Maximum precision guaranteed (< 1 µm)
Rapid and economical

Our additional services combined with our honing services

Product and logistics management
Cleaning and residual dirt analysis
Quality control and documentation/measurement logging
Visual inspection

Economical production services

Your Honing Subcontractors

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With our experienced honing specialists we can offer you a cost-effective alternative to your own production facilities and personnel for large batches. Where conditions in the parts production process are changing, such as variations in dimensional tolerances, different grades of hardness and burr build-up, we create new honing and machining processes and integrate them into the overall production process. We can also do this on your behalf. For smaller dimensions or where there are special requirements, by working with us you can be sure of the most cost-effective, flexible and rapid solution to fine-machine your products. This guarantees you access to our comprehensive expertise and our versatile production facility offering fully automated, semi-automated and manual honing.

  • Precise dimensional tolerances
    We are here when you need accuracy to the smallest detail.

    Our high level of specialisation guarantees high-precision results when it comes to honing your workpieces. We adhere strictly to your specified dimensional tolerances throughout the production process. As a result, your finely-machined workpieces are then ready quickly and without problems for the next stage of production.

  • Perfecting surface quality
    We make sure that everything runs smoothly for you.

    In terms of necessary slip properties, the quality of the surface is one of the most important criteria for many products. Frankenstein Präzision specialises in perfecting a diverse range of workpiece profiles with narrow tolerances and surface parameters in the shortest possible time – ready for immediate further processing in your production process.

  • Correction of positional tolerances
    We give our all to ensure that everything is perfectly in place.

    We understand what the consequences of position deviations can be on the quality of your products. It is therefore our highest priority to eliminate deviations within the honing process as quickly as possible. You can rest assured that the results will satisfy your requirements down to the smallest detail.

  • Correction of bore errors
    We work with great precision to ensure that everything is how it should be.

    Compared to other methods, honing is the economical and dimensionally precise fine-machining technique of choice to correct bore errors. It is ideal for precisely those times when high demands for surface quality and geometric and dimensional accuracy must be satisfied. As a honing specialist we can achieve outstanding results for you.

Maximum quality in the most minimal sizes

By efficiently linking individual machines and by matching tools to workpieces perfectly, we are able to achieve our high quality standards. Well over 16 million parts leave our state-of-the-art facility in Würtingen every year. And for us this means that resource efficiency is a new opportunity to work sustainably.

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Achieving precise dimensional tolerances.

In honing, the work is performed by moving an expandable honing tool with honing stones or diamond honing bars attached, in a combination of lifting and rotational movements. To achieve precision results in the least amount of time, it is not just high-quality honing tools and machines that are important. Significant factors for success include comprehensive expertise and a flair for the perfect method of implementation. This is exactly what sets the work of our specialists apart, day in, day out, in honing the widest variety of workpieces, materials and sizes.

Our mission

One for all and all for one: for success!

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